RUL Tank Roof - construction.

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Our Mechanical Service Department consists of qualified and experienced artisans led by supervisors with years of experience in various industries. Together we have contributed to the successful execution of a wide range of mechanical maintenance operations. These include stripping down the following for inspection, as well as offering routine and preventative maintenance services on items such as:

Pumps: eg. Hydraulic, Pneumatic, Centrifugal, Gear and Screw pump (Warman, Enviro-tech, submersible, slurry, plunger pumps)
Valves: Stop Valves and Check Valves (gates, globe, butterfly, ball)
Gearboxes: eg. Industrial Gearbox (Radicon, David Brown)
Couplings: Fenner coupling (Fenaflex Tyre Couplings, Jaw Couplings, HRC Couplings, Rigid Couplings), Ball Bearings, Roller Bearings, Plummer Blocks and Sleeves, Needle Bearings, Rod Ends and Spherical Plain Bearings, Split Roller Bearings
Screens: Joest and Vibramech
Crushers: Combined Cone Crusher, Universal Jaw and Impact Crusher
Mills: Rod and Ball Mills
Conveyers: Belt and Screw Conveyors
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Construction and maintenance crews

Crew sizes are dependant on the nature of the project.

Our construction and maintenance crews are capable of carrying our tank building and repairs, on-site fabrication, erection/installation of workshop fabricated components, shut down projects, maintenance and modification assignments and HDPE welding and much more.

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Our team of qualified steel workers are capable of fabricating a large range of items from ferrous and non-ferrous materials.

This includes steel structures, bins, chutes, hoppers, low pressure and high pressure vessels and piping, conveyors, mezzanine decks, water tight doors, platforms, hatch covers, tanks, accommodation sections, cell guides, gangways and modular plant components.

Kraatz has extensive experience in non-destructive examination techniques such as radiography, magnetic particle inspection, ultrasonic scanning as well as dye penetrant.

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We employ a number of highly skilled welders that are coded to international approved welding procedures. These welding procedures are approved by societies such as the American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME), American Welding Society (AWS), South African National Standards (SANS) and European Welding Standards (DIN EN) and apply to a wide range of positions, materials and welding processes.

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